Dear Educators

The struggle is real! I am writing this at 5pm on Wednesday when I usually prefer to have my posting up before the start of the day. What happened this time? Online school happened! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is dropping various balls trying to keep her head above water in this impossible situation we’ve been put in and making the best of. So, I’m sending this love letter to you.

Educators! You are learning and growing through this process whether it’s teaching hybrid classes, F2F, distance learning, or some something that is a mish-mash of everything. We might have days where we just want to throw the computer, fall into a puddle of tears, or even “rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Educators, we are resilient creatures and we will get through this. We will get through this by being supports for each other. I’ve  seen a sharing of resources and ideas all around. I’ve seen teachers share their humorous Zoom experiences. I’ve seen teachers be emotional support for others, sending gifts, lifting each other up. It is truly comforting to see so many people who are in the same struggle as I am and when I’m all alone in my office, working until late at night, I remind myself that I am really not alone. That so many educators are having the same highs and lows as I am reminds me that this too shall pass and in the end we will come out stronger (and maybe a new way of doing education in the US?)

So, Educators, remember you are awesome at what you do! You are making a change in your student’s lives! You are valued and are essential to society! Most of all, You are loved!


K. Imani, a fellow teacher.