Group Discussion Announcement: Lunar New Year Love Story

Illustrated cover for Lunar New Year Love Story. Two Asian teenager stand overlooking a wait-high railing. The girl has her arm hooked through the boy's, and she is facing the viewer and has black hair in a long bob. She is wearing a blue jacket, orange shirt, and purple pants. The boy is looking away from the viewer so you can only see his back, and he is wearing a long-sleeved red shirt and black pants and has short black hair. Behind them is the night sky, lit up by stars and streaks of red, yellow, and pink lines that form a lion dancer.

Are you looking for something to read this month? We decided it would be fun to start off our group discussions this year with the graphic novel Lunar New Year Love Story! Will you join us? We’ll be posting our group discussion on March 13. Check it out!

Lunar New Year Love Story by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by LeUyen Pham
First Second

Valentina Tran was named after Valentine’s Day, which used to be her favorite holiday. But when Val learns the truth behind what happened with her parents and why she’s being raised by a single father, she realizes true love is a lie. This is reinforced when she meets the spirit of Saint Valentine, who tells her she and her family are cursed to always be unlucky in love. Val is ready to give into her fate, until one Lunar New Year festival, where a mysterious lion dancer hands her a paper heart, and ZING. Val becomes determined to change her destiny, prove Saint Valentine wrong, and give her heart to the right person.

Meanwhile, lion dancing is the only thing that has given Jae peace after his dad passed away. It’s also what keeps him connected to his father’s side of the family. Both Jae and his cousin Leslie notice Val at the Lunar New Year festival, and for some inexplicable reason, Jae hands Val a paper heart. But it’s Leslie, with his K-Pop good looks, who starts to date Val. Jae still feels this connection with Val and feels it’s somehow tied to how he feels about losing his father.

Both Val and Jae struggle with the spirits who haunt them as they are inextricably brought together in a love story that is satisfying, sweet, and moving.