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Pangu’s Shadow

February 6

Illustrated cover for Pangu's Shadow. The cover is a top-down view of a star field and three circular orbits outlined. Each of the orbits have a different colored crescent moon attached to them: light blue on the inner orbit, pale green on the second orbit, and reddish orange on the third. The blue moon forms part of "d" in the word "Shadow".Pangu’s Shadow by Karen Bao
Carolrhoda Lab

There are no second chances in the Pangu Star System. Ver and Aryl, apprentices at the most prestigious biology lab among the system’s moons, know this better than anyone. They’ve left behind difficult pasts and pinned their hopes for the future on Cal, their brilliant but difficult boss. But one night while working late in the lab, they find Cal sprawled on the floor, dead.


And they immediately become the prime suspects.

Their motives seem obvious. Ver, who left her home moon to study the life-threatening disease wracking her body, had a hopeless attachment to Cal that could’ve become twisted by jealousy. Aryl, on the other hand, clashed with workaholic Cal because she valued more in her life besides research.

To clear their names, Ver and Aryl put aside their mutual suspicion and team up to investigate Cal’s death. As they search for the real murderer, they uncover secrets that have shaped all of Pangu’s moons… and must decide what kind of future they really want.


February 6
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