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The Lady of Rapture (The Bones of Ruin #3)

April 16

Illustrated cover for The Lady of Rapture. A Black teenage girl is wearing a shin-length, sleeveless red dress and has what looks like a spear held up over her head in both hands. She looks like she's about to hit someone with it. She has either braids or locs pulled up into a large, high bun, and wisps of white light are coming off of her. In the background is towering, palace-like building, and in the foreground are a bunch of dark blue flowers. The sky is red and gold, like it's either dawn or sunset.The Lady of Rapture (The Bones of Ruin #3) by Sarah Raughley
Margaret K. McElderry Books

For years, the elite secret society called the Enlightenment Committee has waited for the apocalyptic force known as Hiva to destroy the world as it has so many times before. What the Committee didn’t know, however, was that Hiva wasn’t an event—it was a person.

Iris Marlow. An African tightrope dancer with no memories of her past. A girl who cannot die.

At least, she couldn’t die. Until her own friends discovered her one weakness and murdered her once and for all. The world-ending threat she posed should be gone too, but there’s one more Hiva out there, and unlike Iris, this one has no love for humanity. In her absence, this Hiva has taken it upon himself to judge if humanity deserves to live.

But when it comes to Hivas, the judgment is always the same. The ending is always total destruction. And while Iris is dead, she’s not gone—and after the betrayal that ended her life as Iris, she is now out for revenge.

The world’s days are numbered. The Cataclysm has begun.


April 16
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