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The Poisons We Drink

May 7

Illustrated cover of The Poisons We Drink. A Black teenage girl has her hands cupped in front of her stomach, over a cauldron. The liquid inside appears green, but pink smoke billows out of it and swirls around her hands specifically and around her more generally. Her head is tilted up, and chin-length pink hair is blown back from her face. She is wearing a blue tank top, a necklace, and a nose ring, and some kind of light is showing just below the hollow of her throat. Behind her you can see the DC skyline.The Poisons We Drink by Bethany Baptiste
Sourcebooks Fire

In a country divided between humans and witchers, Venus Stoneheart hustles as a brewer making illegal love potions to support her family.

Love potions is a dangerous business. Brewing has painful, debilitating side effects, and getting caught means death or a prison sentence. But what Venus is most afraid of is the dark, sentient magic within her.

Then an enemy’s iron bullet kills her mother, Venus’s life implodes. Keeping her reckless little sister Janus safe is now her responsibility. When the powerful Grand Witcher, the ruthless head of her coven, offers Venus the chance to punish her mother’s killer, she has to pay a steep price for revenge. The cost? Brew poisonous potions to enslave D.C.’s most influential politicians.

As Venus crawls deeper into the corrupt underbelly of her city, the line between magic and power blurs, and it’s hard to tell who to trust…Herself included.


May 7
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