Review Policy

What Kinds of Books Do You Review?
We review young adult books (both fiction and non-fiction) that star or are written by people of color or people from First/Native Nations. If a book does not meet those criteria, it will not be reviewed on this site. We are particularly interested in these genres:

  • fantasy (epic, heroic, urban, paranormal, steampunk, etc.)
  • science-fiction (space opera, hard, etc.)
  • dystopian/post-apocalyptic
  • horror
  • historical
  • contemporary

At this time, we do not review self-published titles.

If you know of any upcoming young adult books that would qualify for our site that are not already listed on our release calendar or are listed incorrectly, let one of our bloggers know immediately!

Where Do You Get Your Review Copies?
All reviews will note the source for the book. Often, we buy the books ourselves, borrow them from friends, or check them out from the library. If we receive an ARC from a publisher, that is noted in the review.

If you are a publisher or author and wish to send us an ARC or (digital) review copy, please contact one of our bloggers for more information.

How Do You Rate Books?
Buy it now. This book is definitely worth your hard-earned money in hardcover. Skip an evening out or live on tuna fish and ramen noodles for a couple of meals in order to purchase this book. While the book isn’t perfect, it’s pretty close. The minimal flaws it has don’t detract from the reading experience.

Get it soon. If you’ve got the spare cash or can borrow the book from a friend or the library, go for it. Fans of the genre will really enjoy this book, but if this isn’t your thing, there’s no rush. The book has some minor flaws that are distracting.

Borrow it someday. Unless the premise speaks to you, this book is one you can miss out on. Borrowing this from a friend or the library is your best bet. The book has some major flaws that keep it from being great.

Just skip it. The book is gutted by serious problems that greatly detract from a reader’s enjoyment.

What Books Have You Reviewed?
You can go to the reviews archive to see all of our reviews.