Some of my favorite links

There have been some great links coming across my Twitter feed and tumblr dash lately, so here are an assortment of resources and essays that I thought would be of interest to our followers:

Building a Diverse, Anti-Bias Library for Young Children by Megan Madison – This is a short, but wonderful, list of links for assessing your existing collection of books, building your library, and online libraries/book lists.

MFA vs POC by Junot Díaz – A great essay about experiences in an MFA program. Always worth a (re)read.

Committing to Diversity When You’re White: A Primer by Kelly Jensen – Six things white people can do in order to actually support diversity in publishing.

Where Are All the People of Color in Sci-Fi and Fantasy by Anthony Vicino – A discussion of a reaction he received when his book cover was revealed and musings about PoC on book covers in general.

11 on a YA Theme: Intersectional Feminism by Kelly Jensen – A brief summary about the Twitter exchange between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, how that is an example of intersectionality fail on Swift’s part, and a book list for intersectional feminism-friendly YA books.

Faking diversity in art and literature produces caricatures, not characters by Aruni Kashyap – Brief essay about racism, writing workshops, and tokenism.

Writing With Color: Description Guide – Words for Skin Tone by Mod Colette – Suggestions for other ways to describe skin tone besides food, plus links to additional resources.

What are some for your favorite resources/essays about diversity, particularly in publishing? Let us know in the comments!