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We’re happy to announce a group discussion for next month. We’ll be reading A Wish After Midnight and the sequel The Door at the Crossroads by Zetta Elliott. Our plan is to read both books and start our group discussion in early to mid-September. Near the end of September we’ll post our discussion. We hope you’ll join us in reading one and/or both of the books. Share your thoughts with us next month or on Twitter as you read. We’re excited to jump into these books and look forward to hearing from you.
A Wish After Midnight

Fifteen-year old Genna Colon believes wishes can come true. When Genna flees into the garden late one night, she makes a fateful wish and finds herself instantly transported back in time to Civil War-era Brooklyn.



The Door at the Crossroads

Do you know what your heart most desires?

One summer night, Genna Colon makes a fateful wish that sends her and her boyfriend Judah spiraling through time. They land hours apart in the city of Brooklyn—and in the middle of the Civil War. Genna is taken to the free Black community of Weeksville, but Judah suffers a harsher fate and is sent to the South as a slave. Judah miraculously makes his way back to Genna, but the New York City Draft Riots tear them apart once more. When Genna unexpectedly returns to her life in contemporary Brooklyn, she vows to fulfill the mandate of sankofa: “go back and fetch it.” But how will she summon the power she needs to open the door that leads back to Judah?


If you want to know more, check out this great review from Lyn Miller-Lachmann.

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