Review: Mech Cadet Yu

mech cadet yu

Title: Mech Cadet Yu, Vol. 1
Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyzawa
Graphic novel, science fiction
BOOM! Studios
Available now

Summary: A young boy gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he bonds with a giant sentient robot and joins the ranks of the illustrious Sky Corps Academy to protect the world from alien threats.

Every year, giant sentient robots from outer space come to Earth and bond forever with a brand new crop of cadets at Sky Corps Academy to help keep the planet safe. But this year, instead of making a connection with a cadet, one of the mechs bonds with Stanford, a young kid working with his Mom as a janitor at Sky Corps. Stanford has the opportunity of a lifetime but he’ll first have to earn the trust of his classmates if he’s to defend the planet from the monstrous Sharg.

Review: I’m always on the lookout for new comics to read, and I was delighted to come upon Mech Cadet Yu at the library. Mech Cadet Yu follows the scrappy, handy Stanford Yu, the son of a janitor working at Sky Corps Academy. When he ends up bonding with a giant robot, it’s his time to shine — which is lucky for the planet, since it’s under attack from the alien Shargs!

I’ve never been much of a mech fan. (Voltron and Neon Genesis Evangelion went over my head.) But Mech Cadet Yu has converted. Robots CAN have feelings. *clutches heart* Stanford Yu’s story is a heartwarming one. He’s introduced at the start alongside his Cantonese-speaking mom, so you know I was immediately on board.

The comics series (there’s three of ’em) is a classic story of banding together, standing up against the bad guys, and learning the power of friendship — among fellow cadets and robots. Takeshi Miyzawa’s art is incredible, and there are countless panels that would make excellent posters to hang up. The story was a fun journey from start to finish.

This is definitely the type of comic that I wish I could see on the big screen. Think Pacific Rim, but younger, more lighthearted, and did I mention the robots have feeeelings? They do. I highly recommend this series, and pretty much everything else Greg Pak has written for. (If you haven’t read the Amadeus Cho as Hulk comics, definitely check that out.

Recommendation: Get it soon! Especially if mechs are your thing, or you want to read more comics.