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name your mountain

CORRECTION: Name Your Mountain is out on January 2021. But be sure to put it on your TBR pile anyway! Apologies for the mixup.

Happy early book birthday to Name Your Mountain, out tomorrow! What’s on your to-read list for this week? What about the upcoming month?

Name Your Mountain by Tim Tingle

Name Your Mountain continues the exciting No Name series as the high-school team matures and faces new challenges. When the all American Indian high-school basketball team in Trust Your Name enters a national-level tournament, the team travels to big cities and has new experiences, but all is not well. Choctaw Bobby Byington and his new Creek friend, Eddie, are torn between struggles on the court and painful episodes back home. With the door of adulthood looming, Coach Robison urges his players to “never hesitate, never give up, in your struggle to reach the top.”