Review: Nubia: Real One

nubia real one

Title: Nubia: Real One
Creator: L.L. McKinney, Robyn Smith
Genres: Graphic novel, superhero
Pages: 207 pages
Publisher: DC Comics
Review copy: Library
Availability: Available now!

Summary: Can you be a hero…if society doesn’t see you as a person?

Nubia has always been a little bit…different. As a baby she showcased Amazonian-like strength by pushing over a tree to rescue her neighbor’s cat. But, despite having similar abilities, the world has no problem telling her that she’s no Wonder Woman. And even if she was, they wouldn’t want her. Every time she comes to the rescue, she’s reminded of how people see her; as a threat. Her Moms do their best to keep her safe, but Nubia can’t deny the fire within her, even if she’s a little awkward about it sometimes. Even if it means people assume the worst. When Nubia’s best friend, Quisha, is threatened by a boy who thinks he owns the town, Nubia will risk it all—her safety, her home, and her crush on that cute kid in English class—to become the hero society tells her she isn’t.

From the witty and powerful voice behind A Blade So Black, L.L. McKinney, and with endearing and expressive art by Robyn Smith, comes a vital story for today about equality, identity and kicking it with your squad. [Image and summary via Goodreads]

Review: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — this is an excellent time to get into comics. Queer romance comics, epic fantasy comics, superhero comics, you name it. There is just so much exciting stuff out there right now, and I feel lucky to have started reading graphic novels in the last few years just when so many incredible creators are making their debuts or hitting their strides.

Superhero comics in particular, I used to find difficult to get into — after all, there’s just so much history and backlog to get through. But with protagonists like Kamala Khan and Amadeus Cho, it was hard to stay away. On the DC side, I’ve really been loving the Gotham Academy series (especially the Lumberjanes crossover!). And in the last year or two, there’s been a whole bunch of DC comics written by some amazing YA authors. See: Shadow of the Batgirl by Sarah Kuhn and Nicole Goux, Gotham High by Melissa de la Cruz and Thomas Pitilli, and Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, to name just a few.

Nubia: Real One continues this streak of exciting graphic novels by acclaimed YA authors. When I saw that L.L. McKinney was behind Nubia: Real One, I knew I had to read it ASAP.

Nubia: Real One follows teenage Nubia as she reconciles herself with her powers and her origins, all set within an incredibly current and relevant backdrop. You’ll fall in love right away with Nubia, her friends, and her two moms. The writing is fresh, sharp, and compelling, and while this is a superhero comic, the story is one that feels incredibly grounded in what is happening in the world today. And as you can tell from the cover, the art is full of heart and just so much fun to follow along with.

I’m keeping this review short because there really isn’t much to say other than, 15/10, would reommend. Please do yourself a favor and pick up Nubia: Real One. It’s an absolute must-read!

Recommendation: Buy it now!