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Calling of Light (Shamanborn #3)

April 16

Illustrated cover for Calling of Light. A teenage girl glances over her right shoulder, just off-center from the viewer. She has her long black hair in a braid that goes to at least her mid back. She is wearing what appears to be a cloak, and some kind of armor is visible on he right shoulder. Her eyes are a very light brown, almost gold, and streams of light, or maybe white thread, radiate out from behind her head. She has a serious, thoughtful expression.Calling of Light (Shamanborn #3) by Lori M. Lee
Page Street YA

Queen Meilyr is dead, and a tenuous peace has settled over Evewyn. King Meilek’s acension has ended his sister’s oppression of the shamanborn, marking a new start for the country where Sirscha, once a prisoner, has been elevated to a position as the King’s Shadow. Yet, beneath the surface, tensions between shamanborn and other citizens remain high. Conflicts rage at Evewyn’s borders. The Soulless still lurks in the darkness. And while some might call Sirscha a hero for allegedly killing the Queen, to many she’s a monster―a soulrender just like the Soulless. Sometimes Sirscha even believes that herself.

But Sirscha recognizes the Soulless as the world’s common enemy, and she is determined to hunt him down to prevent yet another war. As the Soulless reemerges and both his power and the Dead Wood grow, Sirscha knows time is running short. She’ll have to trust in her true friends―and her own power―if she hopes to end the Soulless’s hold over the land for good.

When defeating him requires a sacrifice too terrible to conceive, Sirscha will have to decide how far she’s willing to go to save Evewyn.



April 16
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