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Doing Right

1 March, 2015

doing rightDoing Right by Patrick Jones
Lerner Publishing Group

Prisoners pay for their crimes by being locked up. But what about their kids, who are locked out?

Every adult wants to give DeQuin advice. His father, who’s serving a life sentence, thinks DeQuin needs to toughen up. His uncle wants DeQuin to work hard and keep his head down. Then there’s his grandfather, lecturing DeQuin at every turn—when he’s not rambling about his glory days in the 1960s civil rights movement.

DeQuin is doing fine without their help—until a fun night with friends gets out of control. Now he has to deal with the fallout. Should he fight, as his dad suggests? Should he run and hide, as his uncle would do? Or should he follow his grandfather’s example of peaceful resistance? Whatever he chooses, he’s still just one confrontation away from losing everything. – Summary and image via NetGalley


1 March, 2015

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