New Releases

The covers of Six Truths and a Lie and Infinity Kings.

There are two books on our calendar for today. Have you got them on your TBR list?

Illustrated cover for Six Truths and a Lie. The cover is a bold pink with the title in white lettering. The title is stacked in the center of the cover, and interspersed between the words are extreme closeups of five eyes. The fourth eye is closed and crying, but the other eyes are open, and different scenes are reflected in them: people watching fireworks, an over the shoulder shot of woman in a hijab, two people behind bars, and a protest.Six Truths and a Lie by Ream Shukairy
Little, Brown Books for Young Reader

As fireworks pop off at a rowdy Fourth of July bonfire party, an explosion off the California coast levels an oil rig—resulting in chaos and worse, murder.

At the center are six Muslim teens – six patriots, six strangers, and six suspects.

An old soul caught in the wrong place. An aspiring doctor. An influencer with a reputation to protect. A perfect daughter with secrets to hide. A soccer star headed for Stanford. An immigrant in love. Each with something to hide and everything to lose.

Faced with accusations of terrorism, The Six are caught in a political game that will pit them against each other in exchange for exoneration. They must frame each other to guarantee their own independence or expose their secrets to earn back freedom for them all.

Illustrated cover for Infinity Kings. Two teenage boys face off against each other in the foreground. They're both visible from the torso up. The one on the left has very short dark hair, wears a long-sleeved blue shirt, has blowing blue veins visible on the back of his right hand, and has a blue bird-like creature hovering above his curled fingers. The one on the right has longer, curly dark hair, wears a short-sleeved white shirt, has a leather bracelet around his left wrist, and has a yellow bird-like creature in front of his upraised palm. Behind and above them is a church-like building and what appears to be a pair of armed angel statues. The two boys are meeting each others' gaze and appear ready to fight.Infinity Kings (Infinity Cycle #3) by Adam Silvera
Quill Tree Books

After the ultimate betrayal, Emil must rise up as a leader to stop his brother before he becomes too powerful. Even if that means pushing away Ness and Wyatt as they compete for his heart so he can focus on the war.

Brighton has a legion of followers at his command, but when he learns about an ancient scythe that can kill the unkillable, that’s all he will need to become unstoppable against Emil and other rising threats.

Meanwhile, Maribelle aligns with her greatest enemy to resurrect her lost love, and Ness infiltrates political circles to stop Iron from ruling the country, but both missions lead to tragedies that will change everyone’s lives forever.

As the Infinity Son and the Infinity Reaper go to war, who will be crowned the Infinity King?