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Last week we missed a title by a debut author, Tasha Suri. As we look out at this week and the month of December, we haven’t seen many titles heading for publication. As always, if you know of any, please let us know in the comments what we might be missing.
Empire of Sand (The Books of Ambha #1)
Hachette Book Group
A nobleman’s daughter with magic in her blood. An empire built on the dreams of enslaved gods. Empire of Sand is Tasha Suri’s captivating, Mughal India-inspired debut fantasy.
The Amrithi are outcasts; nomads descended of desert spirits, they are coveted and persecuted throughout the Empire for the power in their blood. Mehr is the illegitimate daughter of an imperial governor and an exiled Amrithi mother she can barely remember, but whose face and magic she has inherited.
When Mehr’s power comes to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, she must use every ounce of will, subtlety, and power she possesses to resist their cruel agenda.
Should she fail, the gods themselves may awaken seeking vengeance…

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  1. I’d like to suggest a recently released book:
    “Where the River Bends” by Elissa Matthews
    Publisher: Copake Lake Press
    “… a forceful story about racial identity” (Kirkus Reviews)

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