Bookish #StayAtHome Events

This past weekend the annual YallWest Book Festival went online as the YallStayHome Book Festival. It was three days full of panels and other fun activities. A lot of people showed up and experienced events that they wouldn’t normally be able to participate in. For example, I normally do not attend the evening events so I was happy to be able to participate this year and was able to see DumbleDope and Snape Dogg. YallStayHome is not the only event as many publishers, booksellers, authors, just lovers of books in general have come together to create some fun literary activities for all ages. Here are but just a few coming up.

Everywhere Book Festival – Spearheaded by Ellen Oh, this festival was a response to all the other festivals and book launch events that were cancelled. The festival is this weekend May 1st & 2nd. The line up is amazing and I look forward to this weekend’s events.

Write, Right, Rite – Jason Reynolds, our current National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature, is doing a bi-weekly series of writing prompts and other literary goodness for kids of all ages to participate in.

And because it is also Ramadan, starting April 23rd until May 23rd is the Ramadan Read-a-thon. All throughout the month there will be activities, articles, giveaways, and other fun stuff. Check out the website Headscarves and Hardbacks for more information.

If you are on Twitter, actor/bibliophile Levar Burton is tapping into his Reading Rainbow skills and hosting live read three nights a week. Monday mornings for Children, Wednesday afternoons for YA, and Friday nights for Adults.

If you are on Instagram, newly created Black Girls with Magic is hosting their first book chat this Thursday evening.

These are but a few of bookish events that are happening and I’m sure there will be more to come the longer we #StayAtHome. If there are any I missed, please leave the info in the comments below.