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Book covers of Brooms and Huda F Cares?

We have history, fantasy, a contemporary rom-com, a memoir, and a retelling this week. It’s quite a range in just four books. Does anything catch your eye?

The book cover has a blue night sky as a background with a full moon up high. There are multiple faces and people in the center. One is in silhouette looking up. Two people are flying on broomsticks. A young black person is facing forward and looking up at the sky. One person has two long braids, brown skin and glasses. There are two more young people in the image.Brooms by Jasmine Walls
Levine Querido

It’s 1930s Mississippi. Magic is permitted only in certain circumstances, and by certain people. Unsanctioned broom racing is banned. But for those who need the money, or the thrills…it’s there to be found.

Meet Billie Mae, captain of the Night Storms racing team, and Loretta, her best friend and second-in-command. They’re determined to make enough money to move out west to a state that allows Black folks to legally use magic and take part in national races.

Cheng-Kwan – doing her best to handle the delicate and dangerous double act of being the perfect “son” to her parents, and being true to herself while racing.

Mattie and Emma — Choctaw and Black — the youngest of the group and trying to dodge government officials who want to send them and their newly-surfaced powers away to boarding school.

And Luella, in love with Billie Mae. Her powers were sealed away years ago after she fought back against the government. She’ll do anything to prevent the same fate for her cousins.

Brooms is a queer, witchy Fast and the Furious that shines light on history not often told – it’s everything you’d ever want to read in a graphic novel.

The book cover has an orange background with falling autumn leaves. There is a young Black man carrying a basket of fruit and looking at a young woman. Her hair is dark, long and wavy. She has a smile on her face and is wearing an orange striped scarf. Her hair is blowing a bit in the breeze.The Fall of Whit Rivera by Crystal Maldonado
Holiday House

Frenemies Whit and Zay have been at odds for years (ever since he broke up with her in, like, the most embarrassing way imaginable), so when they’re forced to organize the fall formal together, it’s a literal disaster. Sparks fly as Whitney—type-A, passionate, a perfectionist, and a certified sweater-weather fanatic—butts heads with Zay, a dry, relaxed skater boy who takes everything in stride. But not all of those sparks are bad. . . .

Has their feud been a big misunderstanding all along?

Blisteringly funny and profoundly well-observed, The Fall of Whit Rivera is a snug and cozy autumn romcom that also tackles weightier topics like PCOS, chronic illness, sexuality, fatphobia, Latine identity, and class. Funny, honest, insightful, romantic, and poignant, it is classic Crystal Maldonado—and it will have her legion of fans absolutely swooning.

Book cover shows a young woman wearing a blue headscarf. The title Huda F cares? is above her head. In a word balloon she is saying not me. Behind her are three younger girls wearing head scarves and rolling their eyes, sticking out their tongue or just staring at her. Behind them is an amusement park with roller coasters.Huda F Cares by Huda Fahmy
Dial Books

Huda and her sisters can’t believe it when her parents announce that they’re actually taking a vacation this summer . . . to DISNEY WORLD! But it’s not quite as perfect as it seems. First Huda has to survive a 24-hour road trip from Michigan to Florida, with her sisters annoying her all the way. And then she can’t help but notice the people staring at her and her family when they pray in public. Back home in Dearborn she and her family blend right in because there are so many other Muslim families, but not so much in Florida and along the way.

It’s a vacation of forced (but unexpectly successful?) sisterly bonding, a complicated new friendship, a bit more independence, and some mixed feelings about her family’s public prayers. Huda is proud of her religion and who she is, but she still sure wishes she didn’t care so much what other people thought.

A young woman with dark hair is wearing a headband or tiara type of thing with a large green gem in the center. She has large golden hoop earrings and a necklace that matches the gem in her hair. She's holding a golden lamp with purple vapor rising from it. Her dress leaves her shoulders bare and is also green. The sky behind her is purple.Realm of Wonders (The Queen’s Council #3) by Alexandra Monir
Disney Hyperion 

Jasmine thought that she had earned her happily ever after when she and Aladdin defeated Jafar. Then her beloved father dies and, overnight, all her plans for the future change. Instead of her wedding, she’s now planning a funeral and a coronation—her coronation, to become the first woman to rule Agrabah. Jasmine has always been headstrong, but for the first time in her life, she finds herself faltering.

Then from beyond the grave, her father seems to pass along a message: Someone is coming. She must find the book. Before Jasmine can figure out what that means, her claim to the throne is called into question.

Her father’s old counsellors decree that the best way to determine the true ruler is a tournament; a series of tests, each one increasing in difficulty—and danger. Now, with help from the mystical Queen’s Council, Jasmine must assemble her own team of advisers, win the tournament, and uncover the mystery of her father’s last message, so she can prove to her people—and herself—that she deserves to rule Agrabah.