Speculative Fiction for Spring

Collage of the covers for the books A Tempest o Tea, Relit: 16 Latinx Remixes of Classic Stories, and The Last Bloodcover. All covers are described in more detail in the post.

I love speculative fiction, so I thought it would be fun to highlight three speculative fiction books that came out this year to add to your TBR pile:

Illustrated cover for A Tempest of Tea. The image appears to be done in colored pencil, on a light blue to purple to pink gradient. A teenage girl wears what looks like early 20th century boy's clothing. She has jaw-legnth loosely curled hair, a hat, a high-collared shirt, and a jacket. She is holding what looks like a steaming cup of tea, but on closer inspection, the tea is blood. A city skyline can be seen in the borders of her clothes.A Tempest of Tea (Blood and Tea #1) by Hafsah Faizal
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

On the streets of White Roaring, Arthie Casimir is a criminal mastermind and collector of secrets. Her prestigious tearoom transforms into an illegal bloodhouse by dark, catering to the vampires feared by society. But when her establishment is threatened, Arthie is forced to strike an unlikely deal with an alluring adversary to save it—and she can’t do the job alone.

Calling on some of the city’s most skilled outcasts, Arthie hatches a plan to infiltrate the dark and glittering vampire society known as the Athereum. But not everyone in her ragtag crew is on her side, and as the truth behind the heist unfolds, Arthie finds herself in the midst of a conspiracy that will threaten the world as she knows it.

From the New York Times–bestselling author of We Hunt the Flame comes the first book in a hotly-anticipated fantasy duology teeming with romance, revenge, and an orphan girl willing to do whatever it takes to save her self-made kingdom. Dark, action-packed, and swoonworthy, this is Hafsah Faizal better than ever.

Illustrated cover for Relit. The cover is filled with Latinx versions of characters from classic stories, including a mermaid and what looks like a werewolf. There is an astronaut standing on the full moon, someone with a drone-type object hovering above their hand, and someone with a bull silhouette on the back of their jacket. The cover is also filled with flowers, vines, a yellow heart, a whale, a parrot, and a red planet.Relit: 16 Latinx Remixes of Classic Stories edited by Sandra Proudman
Inkyard Press

These sixteen stories by award-winning and bestselling YA authors center a Latinx point of view in an empowering anthology that reimagines classics through fantasy, science fiction, and with a dash of magic, for fans of A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN and RECLAIM THE STARS

In classic stories remixed, Latinx characters take center stage

Pride and Prejudice is launched into outer space, Frankenstein is plunged into the depths of the ocean, and The Great Gatsby floats to an island off the coast of Costa Rica.

A shape-shifter gives up her life to save the boy she loves from an evil bruja. La Ciguapa covets a little mermaid’s heart of gold. Two star-crossed teens fall in love while the planet burns around them.

Whether characters fall in love, battle foes, or grow through grief, each story will empower readers to see themselves as the heroes of the stories that make our world.

Illustrated cover for The Last Bloodcarver. A teenage girl with light brown skin on her face and arms has a body made up of pipe-like bones and what look like red carnations. Her right hand has gone through her left ribs, so she can grip the flowers underneath. She looks like she might pull them out. She is wearing a green cape with a gold lining and stands in a field of more of the red flowers and has shoulder-length black hair with red highlights. A golden full moon hangs behind her, as well as a pair of red, white, and black masks with long, pointed ears. The Last Bloodcarver by Vanessa Le
Roaring Brook Press

Nhika is a bloodcarver. A cold-hearted, ruthless being who can alter human biology with just a touch. In the industrial city of Theumas, she is seen not as a healer, but a monster that kills for pleasure.

When Nhika is caught using her bloodcarving abilities during a sham medical appointment, she’s captured by underground thugs and sold to an aristocratic family to heal the last witness of their father’s murder.

But as Nhika delves deeper into their investigation amidst the glitz of Theumas’ wealthiest district, she begins to notice parallels between this job and her own dark past. And when she meets an alluring yet entitled physician’s aide, Ven Kochin, she’s forced to question the true intent behind this murder. In a society that outcasts her, Kochin seems drawn to her…though he takes every chance he gets to push her out of his opulent world.

When Nhika discovers that Kochin is not who he claims to be, and that there is an evil dwelling in Theumas that runs much deeper than the murder of one man, she must decide where her heart, and her allegiance, truly lie. And – if she’s willing to become the dreaded bloodcarver Theumas fears to save herself and the ones she’s vowed to protect.