3 More Fantasy Books I Want to Read This Summer

A collage of three book covers: THE DREAM RUNNERS by Shveta Thakrar, THE DRAGON'S PROMISE by Elizbeth Lim, and A GIRL'S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MAGIC by Debbie Rigaud.

I’ve started counting down the days left in summer, and there are a few more fantasy books I’m hoping to squeeze in before fall begins. Have you had the chance to read any of these yet?

A young woman and man stand back to back.they are wearing what seems to be traditional South Asian clothing. They each are holding a glowing object in their hands.The Dream Runners by Shveta Thakrar
Harper Collins

Seven years ago, Tanvi was spirited away to the subterranean realm of Nagalok, where she joined the ranks of the dream runners: human children freed of all memory and emotion, charged with harvesting mortal dreams for the consumption of the naga court.

Venkat knows a different side of Nagalok. As apprentice to the influential Lord Nayan, he shapes the dream runners’ wares into the kingdom’s most tantalizing commodity. And Nayan has larger plans for these mortal dreams: with a dreamsmith of Venkat’s talent, he believes he can use them to end a war between nagas and their ancient foe, the garudas.

But when one of Tanvi’s dream harvests goes awry, she begins to remember her life on Earth. Panicked and confused, she turns to the one mortal in Nagalok who can help: Venkat. And as they search for answers, a terrifying truth begins to take shape—one that could turn the nagas’ realm of dreams into a land of waking nightmare.

A young woman is holding a dark ball and there is a dragon leaning its head on her shoulder. There is another dragon in the background.The Dragon’s Promise (Six Crimson Cranes #2) by Elizabeth Lim
Knopf Books for Young Readers

Princess Shiori made a deathbed promise to return the dragon’s pearl to its rightful owner, but keeping that promise is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

She must journey to the kingdom of dragons, navigate political intrigue among humans and dragons alike, fend off thieves who covet the pearl for themselves and will go to any lengths to get it, all while cultivating the appearance of a perfect princess to dissuade those who would see her burned at the stake for the magic that runs in her blood.

The pearl itself is no ordinary cargo; it thrums with malevolent power, jumping to Shiori’s aid one minute, and betraying her the next—threatening to shatter her family and sever the thread of fate that binds her to her true love, Takkan. It will take every ounce of strength Shiori can muster to defend the life and the love she’s fought so hard to win. — Cover image and summary via Goodreads

A young Black man and woman are lying on the grass. They are wearing beaded necklaces. There are colorful feathers at the corners of the covers.A Girl’s Guide to Love & Magic by Debbie Rigaud
Scholastic Press

Cicely Destin, a Haitian American teen living in Brooklyn, loves the annual West Indian Day Parade that takes place in her neighborhood. The colors, clothes, tastes, sights, and sounds all celebrating Caribbean culture fill her with pride and joy. This year, the parade will be extra special: it falls on Cicely’s birthday, AND Cicely will get to hang out with her awesome aunt, Mimose, a social media influencer known for dabbling in Haitian vodou. But when Mimose’s dabbling becomes a little too real, and she seems to be possessed by a rogue spirit right before the parade, it’s up to Cicely, plus her best friend, Renee, and her crush (!), Kwame, to try to set things right. Cicely and her friends set off on a winding, thrilling scavenger hunt through Brooklyn to find the items that will undo the possession. But can Cicely help her aunt if she doesn’t fully realize her own powers just yet? — Cover image and summary via Goodreads