Cover Reveal, Interview, Giveaway + More for HOME AND AWAY by Candice Montgomery

We are so excited to host the cover reveal of HOME AND AWAY by debut author Candice Montgomery. To top it off, we’ve also got an excerpt of the book, an interview with Candice, and a chance for three U.S. residents to win a galley of the book. Are you ready for it?

Friday Night Lights meets Dear Martin in this thought-provoking coming-of-age story about family, identity, and forgiveness.

Tasia Quirk is young, Black, and fabulous. She’s a senior, she’s got great friends, and a supportive and wealthy family. She even plays football as the only girl on her private high school’s team. But when she catches her mamma trying to stuff a mysterious box in the closet, her identity is suddenly called into question. The box is filled with mementos from Tasia’s life, including a birth certificate with a blank paternity line and a photo of her mom in the arms of some white dude… who looks kinda like her. Turns out, the man she always thought was her father isn’t. Her brother is really her half-brother. And she’s actually bi-racial. Tasia’s determined to unravel the lies that have overtaken her life. Which means priority #1 is tracking down her bio dad. Along the way, Tasia discovers that forgiveness is more than an eleven-letter word, and there’s a fee for answers. The artsy bisexual boy living with her new grandparents wants to help her find them—if she can stop fighting who she is, beyond the color of her skin. Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Rose Eagle by Joseph Bruchac

We loved last year’s Killer of Enemies, so we’re thrilled to show off the cover for its novella prequel, Rose Eagle. Keep an eye out for it!

This novella prequel to Joseph Bruchac’s Killer of Enemies is set in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where readers are introduced to seventeen-year-old Rose Eagle of the Lakota tribe who is trying to find her place in a post-apocalyptic world.

Before the Silver Cloud, the Lakota were forced to work in the Deeps, mining for ore so that the Ones, the overlords, could continue their wars. But when the Cloud came and enveloped Earth, all electronics were shut off. Some miners were trapped in the deepest Deeps and suffocated, but the Lakota were warned to escape, and the upper Deeps became a place of refuge for them in a post-Cloud world.

In the midst of this chaos, Rose Eagle’s aunt has a dream: Rose will become a medicine woman, a healer. She sends Rose into the Black Hills on a quest to find healing for their people.

Gangly and soft-spoken, Rose is no warrior. She seeks medicine, not danger. Nevertheless, danger finds her, but love and healing soon follow. When Rose Eagle completes her quest, she may return with more than she ever thought she was looking for.

Cover Reveal: Byronic

Here’s a peek at the cover of Byronica supernatural tale by Sandi Beth Jones. It is set to be released on June 24th by Omnific Publishing.


When the creatures in her dark drawings come to life, Chelsea finds that the mysterious Geoff is the only person she can confide in. But she can’t help wondering who she’s kissing: her tender confidant or the dangerous Byronic rebel bent on shocking his detached father.

Starting over in the South Carolina Lowcountry is just what sixteen­year­old Chelsea needs. Unfortunately, moving also means living with her mom’s snobbish British novelist employer and his moody son Geoffrey. Knowing that her new home likely used to be a slave holding plantation doesn’t make her feel any more at home.

Troubled and reckless after his brother’s mysterious death, Geoff often mimics his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron, acting “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” She’s determined to keep her distance and buries herself in her art, though the darkness of her drawings troubles her and others who see them. When people in the Gullah and Geechee community point out that she has been drawing Boo Hags and haints – ­powerful and terrifying creatures of local legend and superstition -­ she starts to wonder about her own heritage and her connection to the Sea Islands. She begins to question her own grasp on reality when it seems those creatures start making their way out of her drawings and into real life.

It’s clear that Geoff has some secrets of his own, but he might be the only person she can confide in. Chelsea must decide who she can trust, when nothing in the Lowcountry is what it seems.

Born and raised in the American South, Sandi spent her youth reading Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, and Agatha Christie. She spent many vacations traveling to Low Country South Carolina where she fell in love with the local ghost stories and folklore.

Sandi currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, where she works as a high school teacher. She’s reviewed many YA novels for school library journals and has also published adult romance novels.

For more information, or to add it to your TBR list, visit Goodreads.

Cover Reveal: Drift

I am so excited to read Drift, M. K. Hutchins’s debut book. It will be out from Tu Books this spring, and I already have it on my wish list. Who else is looking forward to it?

Drift FC Tenjat lives on the shores of Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous naga monsters. His island, a massive Turtle, is slowed by the people living on its back. Only those poor enough to need children to support themselves in old age condescend to the shame of marriage. Tenjat is poor as poor gets, but he has a plan.

In the center of the island rises a giant Tree, where the Handlers—those who defend and rule the island—live. Against his sister’s wishes, Tenjat joins the Handlers. He couldn’t have picked a more dangerous time. The Turtle is nearing a coral reef where it desperately needs to feed, but the naga will swarm just before they reach it. Even novices like Tenjat are needed for the battle.

Can Tenjat discover his sister’s secrets in time? Will the possibility of love derail all his plans for a richer, marriage-free life? Long-held secrets will at last be revealed in this breathtaking debut from M. K. Hutchins.

Cover Reveal: Rebellion

Get your first look at Rebellion, the final book of the Tankborn trilogy by Karen Sandler. It is one of the upcoming spring releases for Tu Books, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Rebellion FC In the wake of a devastating bomb blast, severely injured Kayla has been brought to the headquarters of the organization that planted the bomb—and many others like it in GEN food warehouses and homes. Her biological mother tells her that Devak is dead and that Kayla must join her in the terrorist group, which is ramping up for something big. Now Kayla must pretend that she embraces this new role in an underground compound full of paranoia as she plots a way to escape and save her friends.

Meanwhile, Devak has emerged from his healing in a gen-tank, only to be told that Kayla is dead and his family has fallen from grace. Can he overcome his grief at the loss of his power to see the clues that point to Kayla being alive?

As Kayla and Devak overcome the multiple obstacles put between them while trying to free GENs without further bloodshed, the Tankborn trilogy rushes to a thrilling conclusion!

Cover Reveal: Killer of Enemies

Killer of EnemiesTake a first look at the cover of Killer of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac, one of Tu Book’s upcoming fall titles!

This is not a once upon a time story.

Years ago, seventeen-year-old Apache hunter Lozen and her family lived in a world of haves and have-nots. There were the Ones—people so augmented with technology and genetic enhancements that they were barely human—and there was everyone else who served them.

Then the Cloud came, and everything changed. Tech stopped working. The world plunged back into a new steam age. The Ones’ pets—genetically engineered monsters—turned on them and are now loose on the world.

Fate has given seventeen-year-old Apache hunter Lozen a unique set of survival skills and magical abilities that she uses to take down monsters for the remaining Ones, who have kidnapped her family.

But with every monster she kills, Lozen’s powers grow, and she connects those powers to an ancient legend of her people. It soon becomes clear to Lozen that she is meant to be a more than a hired-gun hunter.

Lozen is meant to be a hero.

Doesn’t this sound like a blast? I’m excited to get my hands on this book!